Storage Systems Midwest, Inc. specializes in warehousing and distribution facility solutions. As a specialist we often work with Warehouse and Distribution Kardex Remstarcompanies to analyze present and projected warehousing and distribution requirements. This usually invovles designing and developing the internal material handling storage systems needs, including operational flow, controls, procedures and documentation, based upon current and forecasted business. Storage Systems Midwest, Inc. capabilities include the development and statistical analysis of inventory data, material flow analysis, three-dimensional computer aided layouts, information and controls, systems architecture, detailed equipment specifications, project management, installation, testing and training.

We design storage and operations solutions around your unique requirements, not just the capabilities of a fork lift truck. We apply analysis techniques along with solid heuristics and experience to deliver individual solutions to meet your business.

Some of the factors we look at when working with you are:Warehouse and Distribution Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel

  • Total facility activity
  • Growth potential or needs
  • Space constraints
  • Number of SKUs (stock keeping units) AND number of pallets/units of each SKU
  • Activity rates of SKUs
  • Value of items
  • Need for control/inventory racking of items
  • Labor reduction/elimination

Our Storage Systems Midwest Warehouse and Distribution Solutions include:

AutomationGenie Lift


Carton and Flex Flow

Carts and Trucks


Ergonomic Products & Workstations

Facility Design

Kardex Remstar Manufacturing

Lift Tables

Loading Dock Equipment


Movable Rack

Pallet Rack

Project Management